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Ref No: GM-100
Birthday: 1981/31/12
Weight: 48 (KG)
Height: 150 (CM)
Ref No: GM-719
Birthday: 1989-6-24
Weight: 54 (KG)
Height: 150 (CM)
Ref No: GL-075
Birthday: 1985-4-21
Weight: 50 (KG)
Height: 148 (CM)
Ref No: GM-759
Birthday: 1990-1-9
Weight: 65 (KG)
Height: 150 (CM)
Ref No: BL-003
Birthday: 1975-6-13
Weight: 60 (KG)
Height: 160 (CM)
Ref No: GL-082
Birthday: 1989-11-17
Weight: 50(KG)
Height: 146.5 (CM)

Maids and Domestic Helpers
from the Philippines, Myanmar and Indonesia

Bluesky E.A. LLP, Singapore licensed and accredited Maid Employment Agency in Singapore. We offer reasonable and affordable agency fees & free replacement.

Our housemaids are first trained in their home country before deploying into Singapore. We are employers of maids too. As agency for maids, we carefully educate every one of them to be a good maids / domestic helpers in your household.

Contact us @ 9634-9866 | 8127-8881 | 6336-0989

Address: 5 Coleman Street #B1-16

Excelsior Shopping Centre S(179805)

We provide direct hiring service at affordable rate

New inhouse maids and domestic helpers
from the Philippine, Myanmar and Indonesia

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